helmeted terrapin, tortoises of kenya

Pelomedusa Subrufa

The African helmeted turtle, also known as the Marsh Terrapin, is a small turtle (6 to 7 inches as an adult) with an olive-green or brown carapace (shell). The tops of the tail and limbs are a grayish brown, while the underside is yellowish. The male turtle is distinguished by its long, thick tail. Females tend to have a shorter tail and a broader carapace. Hatchlings have a shell size of about 1 and 1/4 inches in length, and are olive to black in color. It also has two small tubercles under the chin and musk glands in the sides of the carapace. The African helmeted turtles posses a hinged plastron (lower shell) which they can, using muscles, close to cover their head and front limbs.

Direction Same location as last photo
Location Nairobi, East Africa, Kenya, Africa
Info F 2.8 1/200 with Canon PowerShot A20
Country Kenya State East Africa
City Nairobi Weather Sunny
Near snake park by Yukinori Yamamura Continent Africa
Day Nairobi Day 2 Activity snake park
Date 2007:09:18 10:00:07 Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot A20 Width 1200
Height 1600 Flash No Flash
Focal 5.4 mm Exposure 1/200
F Number 2.8 Metering Multi-segment
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 2.30 m
Latitude -1.27483333333333 Longitude 36.8148333333333
Altitude 72.49182129 m File Size 1524 kB
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