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Nairobi Day 2

Sep 18, 2007 Tue
01:48Nairobi Day 2
09:00snake park
09:19 mdundo
09:21 do not urinate
09:23 female factory worker
09:26 reader
09:35Gaboon Viper
Bitis gabonica
A west african species
eat mammals like rodents and sometimes birds
09:38bad tempered little snake
Green Bush Viper
Atheris Squamiger
Very irritable and prone to bite when threathened
though not as dangerous as larger one
09:41 arboreal hunter - nairobi snake park
Green Mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps)
This snake likes trees. It hunts and sleeps in trees
It is none aggressive and will fled when there is a chance
09:44 black mamba - nairobi snake park
Africa's most feared snake
the Black Mamba is the largest venomous snake in Africa, and is considered to be one of the world's fastest.
Mambas have been described as aggressive, although there is little hard evidence of this.
Most mambas if approached, move away or freeze, hoping to remain unseen. However, it will bite if threatened.
09:52black mamba
09:53 nairobi snake park - nile soft shelled turtle
Trionyx Triunguis
Food for the locals
Spend most of their lives lives in the water or on the dinning tables of the locals
It can absorb 70% of oxygen from skin and can spend long time under water
09:56 nile crocodile in nairobi snake park - take a swim
Crocodylus Niloticus
Baby croc can flow
09:59baby crocodile walking
10:00 helmeted terrapin
Pelomedusa Subrufa
10:03juvenile nile crocodile
Crocodylus niloticas
10:06 golden shell turtle
10:11predator spider
10:13 africa rock python - nairobi snake park
Largest snake in Africa
Rock pythons can eat adult impala or gazelles, which will last them 3 to 6 months without need for feeding.
wonder where they get the gazelles in the park to feed them.
10:18 rock python skin - nairobi snake park
10:21 puff adder - nairobi snake park
10:22puff adder
Bitis Arietans
The most dangerous snake in Africa
The puff adder causes he majoriy of snake bite in Africa.
This is because of its wide distribution, habit of basking along footpaths and oxic verono
10:25gold shell turtle
10:26Savanna Monitor
Varanus albigularus
This lizard is mainly active during the day
10:29 two turtle and a snake
10:32egyptian cobra
The symbol of egypt
The image of this cobra was used on egypian headdress
10:34forest cobra - naja melanoleuca
hooded snake
10:37 students in snake park
10:41river tana
10:45puffer fish
canthigaster and plectroponus
10:48gold fish
10:49 sculpture by esso kenya ltd
10:51umbrella euphorbia
A coomon poisionus tree
Monadenium spieces
10:56euphorbia serendipita
11:03pangani barb
river fish
11:07national museum under construction
11:11 dinosuar outside naional museum
11:13 sculptor
11:19 evolution of nairobi museum
12:40 parliment
12:42 watch tower in nairobi
13:29lunch at twigs resturant
bad choice no vegeterian option
14:00downtown walk
14:13 kenya convenion center
14:29 public market
14:29 meat market
18:00tour briefing in Hotel Boulevard
21:00Hotel Boulevard
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