on the camel

8/12/04 11:48 am

On the camel:
The surrounding is a mild blending between the earthly brown of the sand and the grayish blue of the sky.

My gentle camel trots in an idyllic pace. I can see far and beyond. The desert, or at least the touristy vicinity of the desert, is dotted with small bony bushes, that and some thorny grasses. Far at the horizon, I could see power lines, so the distained civilization is not far from reach. Close beneath my feet, I see camel turds. I reckon it has a big and healthy breakfast.

I see goatherds with their goats and villagers with their huts. I see wells, and ruins, and cows, and garbage (wherever there are people there are garbage). I see all, that's one of the advantages of riding a camel. Another advantage is the camel draws away all the annoying flies from me. It seems the desert flies far prefer the bushy head of the poor camel than my barren tourist head.

Lunch. A nice shade under a desert tree. I watch the goats. The goatherds watch me on their front seat. Entertainment: Tourists like to watch goats, Goatherds like to watch tourists. People like to see whatever they don't usually see.

Lunch is a luxury. I guess I ate too much. Others have to share whatever I've left. Life is never fair. Some people can always eat first; others have to share whatever is left.

Riding the camel is relaxing. Not sure the same applies to the camel. People rule animals with ropes and noises. Creatures of bigger size submit to creatures with smaller size. Big countries colonized by smaller countries. Men are the only creatures excluded from the law of nature.

8/12/04 5:07 pm
The sun is setting. The camel caravan walks towards the village where comfort triumph over beauty.

The night sky is free of insects and full of stars. The forever peacefulness of the Milky Way. The air is chilling, intermingled with some occasional animal cries. Moonrise at 2:35am. It was a waned moon with not much of light.

The desert plants are full of thorns, which made going to the loo at night a considerable challenge.




My guide and driver is Kismore and Kamel

9/12/04 9:07 am
Morning, breakfast, omelet.

Met a group of school kids. Is giving out gifts good to them? Most likely, it's like the Santa Claus giving out gifts in the western world. My only regret is I bring too few goodies. My goodies bag is emptied in a short while.

Kids in this part of the world like pens which is also a practical tool for studying. Post card is also a good gift which is probably less pragmatic but cheap and light.

9/12/04 12:13 pm
Waiting for lunch.

9/12/04 2:35 pm
Back to Rasar.

At night talk with owner.

Cost of Safari: 2300 Rupees
Taxi: 400 Rupees
Bus: 140 Rupees
Hotel: 1200 Rupees
Breakfast: 100 Rupees

Rat temple, lots of rats. They survive for food.

No lunch.
Jain temple at the old city.

Couldn't find the zoo, use the Internet in Net Yuppies.

10/12/04 7:58 pm
Wait for bus.

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