bus from kanha to jabalpur

30/12/04 3:44 pm
Taking the bus from Kanha to Jabalpur.
Indian buses are horribly crowded and in various state of decay. I was wondering how the rich and prestige travel in India, it seems they are traveling like the silly tourists in the silly buses.

It is probably the most efficient but also the most uncomfortable form of transportation in the world. Getting on or of between stations seemed to be an impossible mission. So many people and goods can be squeezed into this limited space; you would have a complete different perception of space time dimension after getting off the bus (if you can).

First a vomiting grandma, then a sneezing fat man and my body has been squeezed into a corner, until I forget it still occupy a physical space in this materialistic world.

And now (30/12/04 6:00 pm) the left tire explodes. It was making funny metallic noise like the Indian rock music. And now (30/12/04 6:09 pm) most people get off the bus. A tire rescue team forms ad hoc. They try desperately to change the tire. Now the tire is off. They try to put on new tire (30/12/04 7:16 pm). Power goes out. Perfect timing. I offers my torch. It saves the day.

What a perfect bus day. This experience fully justified all the taxi ride I had took in this trip.

30/12/04 10:02 pm
Maybe I haven't got enough crazy bus experience tonight, I just booked myself to a long distant bus to chatapur which I don't even know what kind of city it is. So tomorrow morning I would be in.

31/12/04 3:06 am
bitten by mosquitoes on the bus.
stared by a strange man.

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