france champs elysees, france

Avenue Des Champs Elysees was a busy avenue. One could easily be run over by the French drivers if he or she tried to take a photo in the center of the road.

At the end of Champs Elysees was an Egyptian monument, which was 3000 years old. The Egyptian gave it to the French government and the French gave them an antique clock, which was broken. So the Egyptian gave the clock back to the French and asked for a refund. Of course they didn't get it.

Around the plaza was some fountain and statues; each has its own posture. One statue buried his head into his arm, shouting desperately; "No, not another bird shit!"

The four horses on top of the arc outside the Louvre were all fake. The real one was in Venice. But neither the real one nor the fake one can run.

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