day 2 umm biyara

Climbing Umm Biyara is not particularly difficult but it could be dangerous. Many places the steps were eroded and you have to do some minor climbing (not for the Hawaiian shirt tourists). The rock piles along the trail help hikers from getting lost. Even with a GPS, I could have lost my way if not for the rock piles. So I added some more rocks along the trail.

It was a famous place where a Hebrew King threw down 10,000 victims from the top. It was also suspected to be the ancient capital of Sela mentioned in the Bible.

do not walk up from here
up the stair way to the slope
when the stairs ends
some place maybe dangerous
the urins of edomite sela at the top
the top is empty
where hebrew king threw 10000 people down
the city center
no one wants to fall inside the cistern
ruins of the temple
looking down to the man cut slope
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