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deflowered leave
dateFri 2009-10-02 11:21:47
regionMisiones, Salta and Jujuy Province
distantwalk 0.58 km (or 9 mins) NW from last photo
locationMap of "deflowered leave"
modelCanon PowerShot G9 width3262
height2447 flashNo
focal7.4mm timing0.0080 s (1/125)
aperturef/5.6 iso80
whitebalanceManual meteringmatrix
latitudeS 25d 39m 47.656s longitudeW 54d 27m 8.5882s
elevation189.17m continentSouth America
countryArgentina cityPuerto Iguaçu, Salta
weatherSunny eventLongest Journey
itineraryIguaçu To Salta activityMacuco trail
temperatureSomewhat hot
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