amazon-pampa in rurre

3 days pampa tour from Rurrenabaque. Price is US$30 x 3, all inclusive. Tons of animals.

I am afraid of people more than animals. Animals know exactly what they want (e.g. lunch), people take whatever they think they want (e.g. my camera).

tam airline
the flight
a sleeping alligator
alligator dundee
the sardine
our mini van

At night, we went to a pizza place for dinner.
M- said, "Every time I came home, no body cared about my trip. For my friends, painting the roof is more exciting than looking for alligators in the Amazon." And she sipped some beer, "I used to write to my ex-boyfriend everyday about the exciting things of my trip, and later I found he never read my letters. It was so sad."
I guess she was right. Wherever you go, the feeling to the surrounding environment, no matter how strong it was, could only be personal. It would be impossible to convince a foreign entity with no connection to the environment you encountered to share the same feeling.

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