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Here is a question from a reader:

Oh Great MOL
Please tell me why whales have hips?


Dear HeverAfter,

According to a famous scholar, Charles Darwin, all mammals on earth were evolved from marine animals some 390 million years ago. That was when some fish got bored of living in the water, so they exercised their fins and trained themselves into some kind of four-leg amphibians and invaded the land.

Unfortunately, a small group of those fish got a little bit overweight because of eating too many snacks. You have to remember it was the time before the invention of modern weight-loss program and slim-fast diet so their obesity became a terminal disease. Soon their four new-formed legs could not support their huge fat bodies anymore so they retreated to the sea. Even then they still couldn't get rid of the habit of eating snacks and their bodies grew larger and finally became those mammoth fish you saw in the aquarium -- the whales.

While those more fortunate amphibians that got slim bodies later got promoted into primates and then upgraded themselves to apes walking with two legs - the modern human. Since human and whales are both evolved from the same group of fish so their anatomy is most similar. That's why if the human have hips, the whales will of course have hips. In fact, their hips are larger and operate more efficiently than the human. Just like their bodies, although they are fat and huge but they float well in the ocean. Since most part of their lives are simply floating in the ocean, they are much happier than their relatives on the land until…

The purpose of life for the human was to enjoy life to its fullness and live happily just like the whales. So they invented lots of gadgets to obtain happiness that the whales got when doing nothing. It was a million year project and billions of lives had been spent and millions of cities and metropolitans were built but… Uh-oh, they didn't find themselves much happier then the whales. It is like you want to go from New York City to Manhattan but you spent million dollars to buy a Porsche, drive a thousand hours and end up in a South American country call Argentina. But human are intelligent. In order to make themselves happier than the whales, they realize they simply need to make the life of whales miserable. So they hunt the whales until they almost extinct.

It is a common sense now that if you get too overweighed, your body will grow larger and larger until you degrade back into a whale and have to live in the ocean. It happened to some early whale-hunters. They made lots of money in whale hunting so they spent it on snacks. They got so overweighed that their legs could not support them. So they moved to the ocean and evolved to whales and eventually got hunt down by other whale-hunters.

Intelligent don't make you wiser. The intelligent that enables you to endanger other's survival is actually endangering your own life. Men invented the chainsaws to cut the trees. The trees died and so gone the oxygen that men breath in to operate their chainsaws. Cutting your left hand doesn't make your right hand stronger. Be wise, not just intelligent. Sometimes having a larger hip may even be better than a larger brain.


Copyright: N. Lam 1998
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