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Beginning of the Universe

If the January 1st is the beginning of the year, when is the beginning of the Universe?

Maybe a billion years or even a trillion years, the Universe was formed when a group of hydrogen atoms and all other matters in the Universe, gathered together and decided to have a great party. It was known by the scientists as the "Big Bang".

But none of this was important because the Universe had never existed until the moment your dad finally got a date with your mom at his bedroom and you were born. That was the beginning of all existence. Before that, nothing ever existed, not the Universe, not even your mom or dad.

Without the peer, the world doesn’t exist. Does the tree make a noise when it falls in the forest? Will you win the lottery if you forget to buy the ticket? The action of "buying the ticket" is the existence of the peer. Without it, the world, like your prize, never existed. Your existence is the beginning of the Universe.

Copyright: N. Lam 1998
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