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MOL 1st Parable - Dinoer and Fatty

"Eureka! Eureka! Look what I have found!" exclaimed Fatty before he gathered enough oxygen to make this important announcement. Dinoer lift his eyelids, which was his most vigorous way of saying, "Yes, I am extremely interested."

By the way, Fatty and Dinoer are not some persons who you will see in the downtown shopping malls. There are two reasons:
1, They lived 225 million years ago in the Jurassic age long before any downtown or shopping mall had been invented.
2, Fatty is a Triceratops and Dinoer is a Tyrannosaurus, both are too big to fit into a regular size shopping mall.

"You see what's on my tail?" Fatty said urgently. Dinoer wanted to say fat and cholesterol but he hesitated to give a direct answer because he thought it could be a trick question.

"See the four letters on my tail? It spell P. A. I. N." Fatty said fluently, "You know pain? When you step on a cactus, it is pain. When you hit your head on the oak tree, it is pain. When your mother-in-law hit you with her giant tail, it is pain. Pain causes the miseries of our lives. Pain hindering us from fun. "

Dinoer looked unmoved but Fatty continued, "Imagine a world without pain… We can jump off the cliff and never fell pain. We can swallow the cactus and never feel pain. We can hit our mother-in-law and never feel pain of getting revenge. When pain is gone, we will be reborn!"

Fatty showed no sign of stopping, "When God created the dinosaur, he gave us the tail to make us pain. But he forgot to remove the label on my tail so now I understand pain come from my tail and if I remove my tail, all my pain will be gone!"

Dinoer nodded his head. He said with a voice of deep wisdom, "I knew it and actually all dinosaurs knew it so most of them removed their tail just to avoid pain. Yes, it did remove their physical pain but only at the sacrifice of worsen the pain in heart. Pain is not pain. It is simply fear wearing the mask of pain. Pain is not a physical sensation. The physical sensation is a friend who is advising you to protect your body. Only fear is enlarging your friendly message into the fearful monster that haunted you throughout your life. Those dinosaurs who lost their tail were in a never-ending quest to end the never-existed pain. They grew tired and died. That's why we were the only two dinosaurs left in the world…"

Copyright: N. Lam 1998
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