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The Dream

Yesterday I have a dream.

I was walking on a beautiful beach. The sky was clear. The sun was shining. I could feel the tenderness of the sea wind. I could hear the symphony of the wave.

Suddenly I felt that something was watching me. So I tried to walk away. I walked faster but the thing followed me. I walked even faster but the thing followed me even closer. So I ran but it still followed me. Finally I have to gather all my courage and turn back. I was stunned because I saw a huge black monster. I couldn't see its face or its body because the whole monster was covered in black. I shout at the monster, "Who are you? Why are you following me?"

The monster answered, "I am you fear, you can never escape from me." I was scared so I throw a punch at the monster hoping I can defeat him. But it was just like punching the air. So I pick up a pistol and shoot at its head but the bullet just went through like the punch. So I picked up an AK-47 and tried to kill the monster but it still didn't work. I tried using a huge cannon, a rocket launcher and even throw a nuclear bomb at the monster but the monster wasn't hurt a single bit. It told me, "I am your fear, you can never defeat me."

Then I started using my brain. I thought a little bit and started laughing. I slowly walked under the sun. The black monster is still here but now is only 3 inches high. I told the monster, "You are nothing but my shadow."

MOL's teaching: It is true you can never escape from your own fear neither can you defeat it. But once you realize your fear is nothing but your own shadow, it just can't bother you any more.

Teadrop Oolong

Copyright: N. Lam 1998
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