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The rain

It was raining this morning and I got stuck in the traffic. Driving at 5Km / hour, hearing nothing except the sound of the rain. I thought the rain has ruined a nice morning.

I looked through the Windows and saw a little child playing in the rain. Trying to splash the water onto other pedestrians, he wasn't bother by the rain at all. I saw joyfulness in his eyes.

An hour later, I moved another 5km. I saw a flock of ducks. They weren't bothered by the rain either when they swam peacefully in the little pond created by the rain. I also saw joyfulness in their eyes.

An hour later, I saw angels flying in the rain. Playing joyfully with the rain drops. Probably I was hallucinating as a result of the traffic jams but you got an idea that lots of people and creatures weren't bother by the rain at all.

The rain is the same to everyone, but some think it is annoying, some think it brings joyfulness.

Joy is not a result of what we have, it is what we think we have.




Copyright: N. Lam 1998
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