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A girl who hides under her bed

Word Count: 3641 Words

Her bed saved her again. She protruded her head from under it, like a little turtle that sticks its head out to taste the first drop of rain in spring. She sighed.

"Hello?" she said to nobody.

"Hello?" nobody answered in an echoing voice.

"Hello? Can anyone hear me?" she said to nobody again. "Anyone? Please answer me!"

Nobody said nothing.

After a while, she felt rather silly to keep talking to nobody, so she began to sob; she sobbed like a kitten craving milk. Her tears dropped from her dimples like pearls rolling down the petals of a rose. Her pitiable wailing would have convinced any young man to fall in love with her instantly. That was, if there were still any young men who had not been blown up into pieces by the explosion.

Caressing her cascading dark hair, the wind passed through the shards of the walls that once surrounded her room. It could not legally be called a room now, because the only two things left was her bed and the bleached door. The bed was a traditional wood-frame bed whose primary purpose was not that it allowed one to sleep on top comfortably but it allowed one to hide under safely. On the door was a little circular window through which the outside world could be seen. There was not much use for the window right now because there was a better view over the crumbling walls. Even so, there was not much view at all, unless you were interested in the ruins of the town.

Finally, nobody said, in a ghostly voice, "Edna, Edna, where are you?"

She looked over the ruins, seeking the voice that called her name. The wind that had once caressed her hair now pierced through her nightgown, molesting her slender body; she felt chills climbing her spine like a small rattlesnake.

And she saw something in the distant corner of the remains of her town.

"Edna, Edna, come to me," the something said in a lifeless tone.

As if hypnotized, Edna walked in her bare feet towards the sound. Until she could see the shape of the something, she then secretly wished the something had remained nothing instead of being an ugly monster that would make Godzilla looked pretty cute.

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