view from suraja, jaisalmer

Night: Train to Jodhpur (440R for AC3, 11:00pm to 6:00am) I might have offended some deities during my visit to the Jain temple. I almost got robbed.

Some guy tried to trick me into an empty carriage, told me that was my seat. Later he invited about six or eight people to the same seat, probably intent to rob my luggage.

I did see those people board the carriage but didn't stay long enough to figure out if that was indeed their true intention. And, oh, the two guys who brought me to the empty carriage do look like thieves, one of them even have their face covered like a bandit (I was silly to follow them initially).

Then I almost lost my wallet during my sleep and almost lost my GPS in the morning. Nothing bad really happened but I guess I should pay better respect to the gods and goddesses when visiting temples.

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