pharaoh, day 48 egyptian museum

It's hard to say which Pharaoh this is. They all looked the same to me. That is because the Egyptian art is immortal -- in other words: conservative. From the old kingdom to the new kingdom, the art style were almost idential. No wonder Egyptians didn't have any word for art.

Everything in the Egypt reamin the same for a long time. You dump a corpse in the desert, a hundred years later, you can still tell the face of the corpse. No wonder ancient Egyptians consider imoortallity such a big deal. They werelike the Chinese in the way that they hated changes. They prefered isolation.

Egypt was bounded by the deserts on the west and the east. The south (beyond Aswan) was bounded by some large boulders. The north was bounded by the sea which the Egyptians never liked. For they were river sailors and not very good at crossing the sea.

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