the narmer palette - front, day 48 egyptian museum

This palette is about 64 cm in height. It's probably a ceremonial palette. Not something a woman use for her makeup.

The palette was found in Hierakonpolis, somewhere in southern Egypt.

Namer was the first known Pharoah of Egypt. He united Upper and Lower Egypt. (the upper Egypt was in the south and the Lower Egypt was in the north, the upper and lower refered to the upper and lower Nile, not the north and south of modern maps).

Hathor (cow head god) is on the top. The Pharaoh follows the sandal boy, and some flag holders. The headless bodies were the enemies. The felines with elongated neck meant something I forgot.

Info with Canon PowerShot A20
Date 2001:11:16 10:13:34 Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot A20 Width 480
Height 640 Focal 5.4 mm
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 2.22 m
File Size 42 kB
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