Don't click here!


Your prize is a button!

You are one of the few winners who have found one of the secrets of the Don't Click Here! As a reward, you can put this don't click here button on your own home page!

  1. Use your left mouse button to select the following code and copy and paste it to your WWW page.

    <a href="" ><img src="" alt="[Don't click here!]" ></a>

  2. Then you will see the following button on your site. (you can also use your right mouse button to click on the button and select "Save this image as" to save the image on your site).
    [Don't click here]
  3. Send an email to , tell me your name and www address so I can add you web site to the official winner page!


The strange picture your saw which looks like a hat was actually a polar bear swallowed by a giant snake.
Hat = Snake .
H i n t :
If you don't give up easily,
there is a better ending at the end...

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