Traveler Hat (where all my journeys started)
Burning Man 2012
Yellowstone (2011 Coming not very soon...)
Moorish Empire (2010 Morocco and Spain)
Longest Journey (2009 Brazil)
Tomb Raider (2008 Indo-China)
Stories of Africa (2007 Kenya, Tanzania, Uguanda)
Spooky Japan (2006 Four Islands of Japan - in progress)
Chaos and Glory (2005 Adventure in India )
Cold Mountain (2002 Patagonia)
Arabian Nights (2001 Istanbul to Cairo)
Vancoolver (Canada)
Afterfate Spore Enigma (A Galactic Adventure)


Abandoned sites (oldest useless site on the web)
Forum of life (the abandoned forum)


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Needy Nerdy Gadgets Review (electronic review)
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