gecko in hotel room on ssese island, geckos

Geckos are small to average sized lizards belonging to the family Gekkonidae which are found in warm climates throughout the world. Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations, making chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos. There are 1196 different species of geckos. The name stems from the Malay word gekoq, imitative of its cry. Geckos are unusual in other respects as well. Most geckos have no eyelids and instead have a transparent membrane which they lick to clean. Many species will, in defense, expel a foul-smelling material and feces onto their aggressors. Many species have specialized toe pads that enable them to climb smooth vertical surfaces and even cross indoor ceilings with ease. These antics are well-known to people who live in warm regions of the world where several species of geckos make their home inside human habitations. These species (for example the house gecko) become part of the indoor menagerie and are seldom really discouraged because they feed on insect pests.

Location Kampala, Enteppe, Bugala Island, East Africa, Uganda, Africa
Info F 5.0 1/30 ISO 200 with Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi
Country Uganda State East Africa
City Kampala, Enteppe, Bugala Island Weather Sunny and hot
Continent Africa Day To Ssese Island
Activity h.pearl garden beach Tour GAP (Great Adventure People)
Date 2007:09:28 23:31:50 Make Canon
Model Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi Width 2199
Height 1649 Flash On, Fired
Focal 160.0 mm Exposure 1/30
F Number 5.0 ISO 200
White Bal. Auto Program Shutter speed priority AE
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 275.78 m
Latitude -0.311605555555556 Longitude 32.2911166666667
Altitude 32889.47656 m File Size 1399 kB
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