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“Aftersleep Travel Log” is the inspiration of the places like Cattail Forest, Desert of Beans, Bottle of Islands...


2016-March: Snacks Adventure

I spent most of time eating in Taiwan.


2015-Sep: Ghosts and Moais

Easter Island: Form Easter Island to Chile, and around Argentina. From ancient moai to nitrate ghosts.
Disaster Encountered: Chilean Earthquake 2015.


2014-Apr: Ice & Fire

Ecuador and Galapagos: from the Icy Cotopaxi to the Fiery Amazon, and onward to Steamy Galapagos. Mountains, Spiders and Stupid Boobies.
Disaster Encountered: Tungurahua volcano eruption.


2012-Aug: Burning Man

Survived the Burning Man, passed the Death Valley into the uranium desert of Utah (in progress, 20% posted)
Disaster Encountered: US ambassador killed in Libya.


2011-Sep: Bears and Bisons

From Yellowstone to Minneapolis (nothing posted yet)
Disaster Encountered: Steve Job Died.


2010-Oct: Moorish Empire

Spain and Morocco, retraced the conquer of the Moorish Empire.
Disaster Encountered: Bombing of a cafe in Morocco.


2009-Sep: Longest Journey

Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. Condor and Football Stadium.
Disaster Encountered: Brazil riots, a cop's helicopter was shot down


2008-Sep: Tomb Raider

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Hong Kong.
Disaster Encountered: Thailand riots and Asian Financial Meltdown.


2007-Sep: Story of Africa

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda to Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.
Disaster Encountered: Massacre in Kenya.


2006-Nov: Spooky Japan

Ghost, Robots and Hello Kitty.
Disaster Encountered: North Korean nuclear missile crisis in Japan.


2005-Jan: Chaos, Glory and Tsunami

Adventure in India.
Disaster Encountered: A tsunami that killed 230K people.


2004-Jun: Lazy Cruiser

A boring Alaskan Cruise


2003-Jul: True North Explorer

A simple road trip from Yukon to Alaska


2003-Jun: Sea to Sky

Odyssey of West Coast Trail


2002-Nov: Cold Mountains

Patagonia: from the chilly Argentina to the ardent Chile.
Disaster Encountered: Argentina financial meltdown.


2001-Sep: Arabian Nights

Middle East: From Istanbul to Cairo.
Disaster Encountered: Falling of Twin Towers on September 11


2000-May: Inca Explorer

Peru and Bolivia: From the Amazon to Machu Picchu.
Disaster Encountered: Peru President Fujimori overthrown.


1999-May: Newbie Tourist

A beginner Western Europe trip. Every backpacker starts from somewhere...
Disaster Encountered: Y2K computer bug



An ongoing update of my photography life...

Life is like living among a herd of sheep.
Wherever you go, you follow the herd. To
visit a foreign country is like breaking
away from the herd. That's the best way to
gain new experience and get robbed...

Never Lamb

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