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To Kampala

Sep 26, 2007 Wed
07:08To Kampala
07:08Chimp Trekking
08:41Chimp trekking
09:13chimp nest
09:24 chimpanzee of budongo
09:44 chimpanzee picking his nose
09:45 chimpanzee looking at tourists
10:11mahongony tree
10:17mahongony tree 400 years old
biggest in the forest
10:24strangling tree
10:46finished budongo
10:53bus to kampala
12:00a long bus ride and traffic jam
20:51Jeliza Dinner
waiting for dinner at Jeliza
after waiting one and a half hour,
dinner still hasn't show up yet.
hotel has no hot water...
in fact hardly any water...
... dinner finally arrive at 9:30pm
has been waiting since 7:00pm
22:00Hotel Jeliza
I am not too crazy about this hotel
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