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To Zanzibar

Oct 05, 2007 Fri
06:51To Zanzibar
07:06 mountain meru
from the window of Arusha Center Inn
About 4km high
08:50airport shuttle
Waiting for shuttle
Took the taxi to Club Africa Hotel
Shuttle leave at 9 am
09:07:31 on board, waiting for shuttle to leave
Kilimanjaro airport is about 50km away
May see Mt. Kilimanjaro on the way
11:00flying to Zanzibar
11:00fly to Zanzibar
11:48 tanzania mainland
11:52 clouds of zanzibar
11:56 zanzibar
11:56 zanzibar
11:57 houses of zanzibar
12:37Manch Lodge Vuga
hotel in Zanzibar
12:45 manch lodge vuga
it has an antique feel to it... I.e. kind of feels like a jail in the middle age
good for tourting prisoners but unfit for tourists
the bedsheet looks kind of clean if you don't look too closely
no soap, no hot water, no towel, no garbage bin, nothing
but it has no shortage of mosquitoes
18:28:02 staffs are rude and pushy
they rudly asked me to pay in advance for the laundry
and when the laundry returned, it has bird droppings on it
rooms ar small and chaotic
one of the worst hotel in town
18:52:24 to be fair: the staff seems only rude to me, he looks friendly with others, so he may not be a bad person in nature
14:11tour briefing
us15 island tour today
us40 town tour north beach, spice trade, stone town inc lunch
14:49 mr bean on zanzibar
14:56 zanzibar stone town
15:36 giant tortoise and ravens
15:36 giant tortoise
15:36 turtle scream
15:38 turtle eating tomato
15:39 turtle and flower
15:41 sadness of a tortoise
15:46 raven conquer turtle
15:46 turtle tear
15:47 turtle and flowers
15:47 broken shell
15:48 long neck turtle
now is a resturant
15:50 house of sultan
now is a resturant
15:51 night lamp
15:55female peacock
15:55 male peacock
15:57 prison door
15:58 peacocks in prison
15:58 prison
15:59 blue door
15:59prison ring
16:00 prison ring
16:01 prison bar
16:03 prison banquet
16:04 land afar
16:04 high tide point
16:05 prison window
16:06 prison roots
16:07prison tree
16:08 rooted wall
16:09pot plant hole
16:09 pot plant hole
16:11prison peacocks
16:12 peacock and vase
16:12prison flower
16:12 flowers on blue board
16:15prison beach
16:15 fallen leaves
16:19 self protrait
16:20 spikes on door
16:21 sultan bed
16:23 prison beach
16:23 prison pier
16:24 pier walkway
16:26 blessing of sun
16:27prison island
16:27 prison island
16:29 sandy coast
16:34 red anchor
16:46 snake island
16:47leave prison island
16:57 zanzibar
16:57 boat repair
16:59 zanzibar museum
16:59 boat landing
18:05walk around zanzibar
Ayuba (a tour guide in Zanzibar English school)
his tel +255 0786874512
18:09 old man and sunset
18:10 emerald sunset
18:12 lovers and sunset
18:13 dhow boat
18:15 dhow boat sunset
18:15 dhow boat sunset
18:16 dhow boat sunset
18:27 balcony
18:29 zanzibar museum
18:31 boats outside fish market
18:36 fish market
20:10dinner at fish market
Indian resturant
Indian fried rice
22:14Manch Lodge Vuga
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