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African Travel Itinerary

to Nairobi

Oct 12, 2007 Fri
07:17to Nairobi
07:21Breakfast at hotel
09:57Fly to Nairobi
From Mombasa to Niarobi
11:15am for one hour
Mombasa airport has Ravens and vervet monkeys, those critters never need to pass security like I did.
The seats have individual LCDs

11:44 mountain kilimanjaro from air
11:45 mountain kilimanjaro from air
13:08taxi to hotel
13:09:06 got flat tire
game meat banned in 2003
20:44 carnivore resturant
20:54 carnivore
21:00 bbq chicken in carnivore
21:03 carnivore menu
21:08 carnivore tree
22:00vegetable pie
22:04 vegetable pie in carnivore
22:18 cat is not in the menu of carnivore
23:08 butcher sink in carnivore
23:59Hotel Boulevard
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