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To Arusha

Oct 13, 2007 Sat
07:25To Arusha
07:26Bus To Arusha
By Riverside Bus
8:00am to 3:00pm?
The bus station is opposite to the parkside hotel
Be there at 7:30am
The bus is mid size, sit less than 50 people
11:47Border Crossing
11:47:28 done
Someone tried to scam me about changing the Ksh to Tsh
They claimed they are from Riverside Bus and asked for my passport
It is not a good idea to be missing, the bus driver don't have a system to count passenger
14:19Arusha center inn
15:21uhuru mounment
16:11late lunch
ordered vegetable curry at Arusha center inn
16:26:03 lunch ready
17:00Tanzania Independence Museum
Human born 6 mil yers ago travelled 50000km
Dr. Sekino traced the route from navarino, Chile to Tanzania
took him 10 years
Largest tribe is Wasukuma (those dance with Phytons)
Current president is from Wakwere
British ruled by delegated chiefs and was gnerally more prefered than the Germans
The Maji Maji resistance against the Germans
said to turned German bullets into water
and 120000 Africans died...

Tanzania was formed by Tanganyika and Zanzibar

17:26 circumcision device by masai
17:28 children in arusha
17:43 torch of independence
17:44 torch of independence
17:50 uhuru mounment
17:55 mosque minaret
18:06 mosque in sunset
18:12Bought Bus ticket to Ushoto
Bus Fasaha goes from Arusha to Lushoto
ticket cost 8000 to 12000
I paid 20000, including tips for the hotel manager to buy the ticket for me
19:00Arusha Center Inn
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