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Kilimanjaro Mandara Hut

Oct 20, 2007 Sat
03:00Kilimanjaro Mandara Hut
09:18to Marangu
alt 1314m
10:56 marangu gate reception
11:11 kili starting point
my guide for this leg is Abel
12:06Abel the strong
His father passed away when he was little
he had no monwy to go to school
and he had to work on this job so he can go to school
he wants to learn English, Spanish and French
12:12 trail
12:12 kilimanjaro
12:17 my tour guide
12:28 safari lunch
This is my lunch, it looks good and taste good.
As for Abel, his lunch looks like a dead rat in newspaper wrapping. I really feel sorry for him. So I offered him a cake and some chips.
12:58continue to Mandara Hut
13:25water fall
13:25 waterfall
13:27 kilimanjaro violet
13:28 three petals clover leaves
13:40 end of porter and admin road
13:58 mold tree
Ni Mei To Ki A Tanzania
I came from Tanzania
Ni Mei Za Li Wa Tanzania
I wa born in Tanzania
Da da = sister
Ga Ga = brother
Ma Ma = mother
Ba Ba = father
Di O = yes
Ha pa na = no
Si Fa Ha Mu = I don't understand
Si Fa Ha Mu Ki Swahili = I don't understand your swahili
Habari Za A Su Bu Hi = good morning
Ku ku = chicken
kibokoo = hippo
ni mei cho ka = I am tired
Ba li sa na =too fast
poli poli = SLOWLY SLOWLY
14:36arrive maranda
Altitude 2716m
direct distant to gate 6.75km
total ascention 1000 m
14:49 kilimanjaro mandara hut
looks pretty good to me
there is solar power for light
but no electricity, so no charge for battery
14:49 mandara hut outside
15:00 tiny mini beetle
15:11 mandara hut porters quarter
15:16 beer coke and water
15:24mandara hut
alt 2720 m
15:28kilimanjaro pigeon
15:45 summo man at maranda hut
15:58 mandara hut 2720m
16:20 some snacks on mandara hut
16:56 trees with beard
17:04 impatiens kilimanjari
the red flowers
17:09everest kilimanjaro
17:15mande crater
300 years ago collapsed
17:18 house of god lake
17:20kerten glacier of kilimanjaro
pre: usambara
17:21 kerten glacier of kilimanjaro
17:23 moss tree
17:27 lake chala
17:43 lobelia
19:53 dinner at mandara hut
21:00mandara hut
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