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Horombo to Kibo

Oct 23, 2007 Tue
03:00Horombo to Kibo
08:00 striped back ravens kissing
08:03 sumo man morning walk
08:04 sumo man landed on kilimanjaro again
08:33 unknown future
08:33 lobelia torch
08:35 misty past
08:35 lobelia climb
08:36 mountains in mist
08:46 sumo man again
09:01summo man on kilimanjaro
09:01 sumo man on rock
09:04meru mountain in front of scicio
09:07 lobelia and kilimanjaro
09:07 giraffe and kilimanjaro
09:13vasili after climbing
09:42snow of kilimanjaro
09:57 myself in front of kilimanjaro
09:58 kilimanjaro
10:13 kilimanjaro sparrow
10:16 snow of kilimanjaro
10:24 mawenzi without snow
10:28 trail to kilimanjaro
10:43 mawenzi ridge viewpoint
10:46 snow of kilimanjaro
10:46 glacier on kilimanjaro
10:48 sumo man never quits
10:49 sumo man is strong
10:51 sumo man on kilimanjaro
10:59 kilimanjaro
10:59 mawenzi peak
11:01 hikers to kibo
11:05 porters
11:06 mawenzi
11:07 snow of kilimanjaro
11:12:57 met the German girl who was the 2nd person to reach the peak
11:23 sky to the peak
11:23 pied crow in kilimanjaro
11:25 porters
11:27 hard work hard walk
11:32 slope
11:34 kilimanjaro sparrows
11:41 lunch to kibo
12:11 piss stop along route
12:17 out house of kilimanjaro
12:18 kilawe hati
12:24 nil my signature on kilimanjaro
12:33two porters
the one at the back lives in Arusha
12:34 two porters
she is the one on the left
12:38 female porter
she is the one on the left
12:42 long way to the peak
12:51 kibo hut and the trail up
13:20 mawenzi in mist
13:21 hikers return
13:42 team of ascending hikers
13:56 raven on peak
not a drop of sweat, no heavy breathing
trip odm: 35.1km
moving avg : 2.7 km
sunrise: 6:09am
sunset: 6:20pm
altitude : 4701 meter
14:12 from kibo hut
Mawenzi mountain in mist
14:19 sulphric acid water container
15:18 kibo camp
17:46 mawenzi
17:47 mawenzi sunset
17:48 mawenzi in glory
17:49 mawenzi
23:59Walk to Uhuru Peak
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