ushuaia x burger, food

11/6/02 9:38 pm � Dinner: X burger � crappy food with crappy service (the waiter was ok, he was just slow and coughing all the time) for 8p (some kind of hard-to-swallow veggie burger) � But it was near the seaside, the view to the port was good. � I could understand why dumb tourist like me would visit there, but didn't understand why locals will ever went there (perhaps the unwilling parents couldn't stand the nagging of their burger hungry children)

Info F 2.8 1/9 with QV-4000
Date 2002:11:06 21:44:13 Make CASIO
Model QV-4000 Width 1600
Height 1200 Flash No Flash
Focal 7.1 mm Exposure 1/9
F Number 2.8 Metering Multi-segment
Program Aperture-priority AE Compensation 0
File Size 339 kB
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