garmin origin 450-5 import from google earth, gps

450-5 Import from Google Earth

Garmin Oregon 450 - Import from Google Earth

It was said that when technology became so advance, it becomes indistinguishable from magic.

I am going to show you some magical features of Garmin Oregon 450 GPS.

By the way, most of these features also works in Dakota, Colorado and other version of Garmin Oregon.

  1. Import waypoints from Google Earth
    1. Garmin Basecamp now allows direct import from Google Earth KML or KMZ files, so you can create waypoints using Google Earth and import them directly to your GPS.
    2. The advantage of using Google Earth to create waypoints is they have a lot of POI that is not available on any GPS software
    3. For example, they have the user photos from Panorama, it is very useful to create waypoints that is not included on any maps
    4. They also have the Wikipedia entries of important monuments, so not only you can go somewhere but you can also read up on the details within your waypoint.
    5. And of course, the normal bus station location and hotel locations which is standard on any mapping software.



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