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1995-2005 the 1/10 Centennial of the Abandoned Sites

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Abandoned Forum
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Theme Site #1
Don't click here!
Whatever you do, don't click here! The banned always get the most attention.
Theme Site #2
Shakespeare Literature review
Don't worry, it has nothing to do with Shakespeare...

Site #3
The Jumping Dragon.
A very difficult Net Maze
Theme Site #4
FBI On-Line.
Strictly forbidden to enter
Site #5
zz Cat's Homepage
You must have Netscape 2.0 with Java support.
Site #6
Original classic
A bit boring in today's standard.
Site #7
The secret of the Angel
A simple puzzle
Site #8
Bed time story
Will make you sleep
Site #9
When can we achieve world peace?
Peace or war, the world can only be destroyed by the one who created it? Need Netscape 2.0
About the Author
About the author
Don't expect fun or suprises.
Not So Real Stroy Archive
Stories written by NIL.
Master of Life
Will be updated later
My Travel Album
Instead of updating this site, I had done this.
About this site
Long and boring introduction
A long description of this place.

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