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African Travel Itinerary

To Ssese Island

Sep 28, 2007 Fri
08:05To Ssese Island
10:00To Enteppe
By bus
for 1 hour

10:38ATM stop
11:52 village boats near enteppe
ship name is Kalangala
11:52Enteppe Airport
11:55 moving sofa
12:12 students near enteppe airport
12:12 enteppe airport
12:40waiting for boat
Boat is late
supposed to leave at 12:00pm (maybe it leaves @ 2:00pm?)
now it is still sitting at the dock
15:30:41 on boat watching Sometimes in April
16:10:40 on boat watching pirated DVD Bourne Supermacy
13:36 slow boat to entebbe
13:37 flying marabou stork
13:53 shipping plastic chairs
17:54 paradise beach
17:56 late sun of paradise beach
17:56 beach reading
17:58 reading on the paradise beach
18:01 sunset boat
18:05 couple of hammerheads
18:05 hammerkop licking foot
18:07 egret in sunset
18:07 two hammerkops
18:08 kingfisher
18:09 flying hammerkop
18:10 african pied wag tail
18:10 african pied wag tail
black and white bird
18:15 kingfisher in mid air
18:17 colorful king fisher
18:21 kingfisher withdraw wings
18:22 blacksmith lapwing
18:23 blacksmith lapwing
18:23 blacksmith lapwing in sunset
18:24 hammerkop
18:24 hammerkop in sunset
18:26 hammerkop
18:26 african pied wag tail
18:28 soccer pose
18:31 soccer demo
18:32 balance ball
18:34 knee skill
18:35 flaming sky
18:37 view-egret in sunset
18:38 egret flying
18:44ground hornbill
20:23bonfire at night
23:24pearl garden beach
the hotel is nice and fun
staffs are friendly
and they tried hard
23:31 gecko in hotel room on ssese island
23:33 gecko in hotel room on ssese island
23:39gecko at pearl garden
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