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Ssese Island

Sep 29, 2007 Sat
07:31Ssese Island
09:45island walk
09:52hadada ibis
09:52 hadada ibis
09:55 baby fruits near fishing village
09:59 baby near fishing village
10:02baby ducks
10:02 baby egyptian geese
10:03 black bishop
10:03 black bishop and weaver nests
10:05 xxl athelet
10:07 golden weaver
10:12 daughter of fisherman
10:13 hello man
10:14 fishermans daughter
the fisherman catch the shimba fish
some fish to sell on market
other fish for chicken feed
there are squatters in forest
twice a year for fishing
every 3 months
tiny fish are supposed to be little
and they were dried under the sun
5 differen tribes live in this village
each have different languages
each borrow some words from other tribes so they can communicate
each door is a household
the fisherman is call uhammer
10:21 fisherman family
10:33 great ground hornbill
10:59 creepers
creep up the tree to reach the light from the top
not like strangler, they don't harm trees
11:18bitten by ant
11:24 ssese island
11:24 bugala island
11:38 biking on ssese island
11:42guide thomson
11:43 thomas our tour guide
11:43 thomas our tour guide
kop means head
11:46 hammerkop nest
kop means head
12:12 blue and black bird
12:19 black african kite
12:29 butterfly on bugala island
12:32 cormorant standing guard
12:39 egret on orange boat
12:40 hammerkop husband and wife
12:41 wandering sandpiper
12:42 sandpiper
12:43 sandpiper
12:44 sandpiper
12:45 flying sandpiper
12:52 black african kite
12:53 blacksmith lapwing
12:53 blacksmith lapwing
12:54 blacksmith lapwing
12:54 blacksmith lapwing
12:56 little egret and egyptian goose
12:56 egyptian goose
12:57 flying egyptian goose
12:57 flying egyptian goose
12:57 flying egyptian goose
12:58 standing egyptian goose
12:59 flying egyptian goose
13:03 hadada ibis
13:06 black-headed weaver
13:06 black-headed weaver
13:09 cattle egret and pied king fisher
14:24 dead black kite
14:30football game
15:59 giant soldier ant
it bit me this morning
16:04 soccer match
16:06 retrieve the ball
16:06 throwing the ball
16:08 back to bathroom
16:11 soccer skill
16:11 soccer boy
16:11 soccer boy
Opposite team:Ali and Dee
Our team: Alex and Marvin
16:13 soccer game
Opposite team:Ali and Dee
Our team: Alex and Marvin
16:13 ball control
Opposite team:Ali and Dee
Our team: Alex and Marvin
16:21 soccer boy
16:21 hand ball
16:42 soccer
16:43 kick
16:46 staff and soccer
16:48 soccer boy
16:48 soccer boy
16:49 kick off
16:50 chasing the ball
16:50 holding the ball
17:04ball handing ceremony
17:06 girl of sand
17:08 anxiety
17:08 understanding
17:20 snoop on ssese island
is his name
17:38 snoop the second
17:55 hadada ibis
17:57goat skin
17:57 goat skin for dinner
18:00goat head
18:00 goat head for dinner
18:10 horn bill
18:29 sunset of ssese island
18:31 sunset on ssese island
18:32 sunset of ssese island
18:32 sunset of ssese island
18:36 sunset
19:00Pearl on Beach Seese Island
no hot water, with solar power light, lots of ants, despite all these, it is still a very nice hotel!
The staffs are friendly, the huts are pretty nice, they put hot water outside your door after dinner...
21:14 green frog in my cabin
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