bharatpur sunset

also call Dicrurus macrocercus


white neck stork (black) grey heron (grey) white ibis (long black beak white body) pond heron little egret (white) black wing stilt (in the water)

25/12/04 8:08 pm Cheating for some people is just part of their life. It is like a tiger eating a deer; they don't have a choice on what they eat.

If you are a deer you hate tiger, if you are tourist you love tiger. Life is all relative.

It is easy to be cheated when tired, but it is just a way of life. Fortunately, I am rich, I can afford to be cheated a lot more time than the poor.

It is pointless to get angry. Everyone is trying to make a living. It is our duty of the rich to help the poor.

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