central delhi

5/1/05 9:59 am Waiting on the tourist bus The first sightseeing item for the day is waiting for other tourist. It probably will go on for the whole morning.

5/1/05 10:14 am Now they are playing loud Indian music, great.

lakshni narayan temple
indira gandhi museum
jaycol travel tour bus

5/1/05 2:41 pm Boredom is the best inspiration I searched for inspiration from the ruins and was disturbed by other tourists, or unqualified guides, or mosquitoes. To sink in the environment, I have to get bored; boredom is what leads to inspiration.

5/1/05 2:51 pm Qutb Minar

5/1/05 3:15 pm Time: In Indian language, twenty minutes seems to mean 40

5/1/05 4:29 pm The tour guide is arguing with other local tourists about the payment over some photos. I can't understand what they were arguing about, but both sides seemed pretty heat up.

I am not sure if they are having a real argument. Maybe they are just having an emotional argument about the trauma of tsunami. OK, maybe not. They seemed too angry for such topic.

It seems the Indians share the same kind of temperament with the rest of the world. Oh well´┐Ż

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