week 4-journey to hell, seven voyages of sinbad

Week 4 - Journey to hell

I descended to the deepness of hell, the realm of Hades, where 8 million aboriginals met their death.

Potosi, Bolivia. They call it the Mountain That Eats Man. Sometimes, it also eats tourists. Once it was the silver mine of the Imperial Spain. It bankrolled the Spanish shoppers so they could afford to buy luxury goods from China and India (mainly tea and spice, not the cheap electronics).

The working condition in the mine made me greatly appreciate my little cubicle at work. Really, if I stayed there an hour longer, the casualty would have increased to eight million and one.

The mine today is not much better than five hundred years ago. And the safety standard... what safety standard? Tourists are allowed to take photos while holding live dynamites on their hands. Thankfully, no one in my group had lost any limbs.

Direction Drive 209.39 km or 3.49 hrs north east from last photo
Info F 2.8 1/60 ISO 80 with Canon PowerShot G9
Keywords 2009, Afterfate, Aftersleep, Bolivia, Buildings & Structures, Cerro, Lazy Hiker, Longest Journey, Mine, Outdoor, Outdoor Photography, People, Potosi, Silver Mine, South America, Travel
Date 2009:10:20 16:11:59 Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot G9 Rating 3
Lens 7.4-44.4 mm Flash On, Red-eye reduction
Focal 7.4 mm Exposure 1/60
F Number 2.8 ISO 80
White Bal. Auto Metering Multi-segment
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 3.04 m
Latitude -19.6148277777778 Longitude -65.7415138888889
Altitude 4305.722168 m File Size 3.2 MB
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