week 5-befriending the caiman, seven voyages of sinbad

Week 5 - I befriend a giant man-eater

The rivers of Pantanal could be the most dangerous place on earth -- if you smell like tasty seafood. Since I didn't shower for a few days, I smelt somewhat like seafood (maybe not the tasty kind). That, naturally, attracted lots of nasty predators.

I was chased by a giant caiman who could swallow me whole, and a group of piranas who could torn me to pieces... But I was quick witted, so I fed the piranas to the caiman and left unscathed (and I took a shower later).

Direction Fly 909.35 km or 1.82 hrs north east from last photo
Info F 3.5 1/500 ISO 80 with Canon PowerShot G9
Keywords 2009, Afterfate, Aftersleep, Alligator, Animal, Brazil, Caimans, Crocodile, Lazy Hiker, Longest Journey, Outdoor, Outdoor Photography, Pantanal, Reptiles, South America, Travel, Wildlife
Date 2009:11:01 17:07:01 Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot G9 Rating 3
Lens 7.4-44.4 mm Flash On, Red-eye reduction
Focal 12.7 mm Exposure 1/500
F Number 3.5 ISO 80
White Bal. Auto Metering Multi-segment
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 7.21 m
Latitude -19.4474694444444 Longitude -57.0757305555556
Altitude 527.9010011 m File Size 1482 kB
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