ilha fiscal tour

Thansk to the very helpful tour guide, I have wrote down her words and recorded here...

fiscal island
airplane landing in rio central airport
ilha fiscal
gentleman sign
stained glasses
republic painting
the noble room the tower

THE NOBLE ROOM (THE TOWER) There are 38 steps to reach the room in a spiral stair with perfect symmetry. (There is no banister and the illumination and ventilation area natural) The work done at the stairs were hand maded. Here used to be the Custom Manager s office and later on in 1914 the Admiral s office. You can see the same four columns in gneiss as well as the arches.

Location Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America
the noble room the tower
noble room arches
emperor d pedro ii
ceremony of exchanging flags
princess isabel stained glass
amazon region exhibitions
coat of arm
noble woman dressing
stained glass windows
fairy tale tower
courtyard flag
 ilha fiscal tour
entrance gateway
fiscal palace clock tower
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