Sep-6SunFly to Houstonwait for boardingarriving at Houston, at terminal e2, waiting at gate e2Watching movie Inside Out, plane took off, Sleep on plane
Sep-7MonSantiagolanded, pending custom, pass custom, wait for baggage, early check-in, boarded bus, arrive terminal Alameda, Hostal Noa ArikiMetroed to Plaza de Armasfinished dinner
Sep-8TueEaster Island Tourakahanga, end, Tongariki, sleep Hostal Noa Arikiend, Rano Raraku, lunch, end lunch, anakena
Sep-9WedTerevaka Hikestart hike, Terevaka volcano hikeend trail, Ahu Te Peu Trail, Ahu Te PahuBout Du Monde Restaurant, Hostal Noa Ariki
Sep-10ThuRano KauRano Kau TrailAna Kai Tanata, crater trail continue, crater trail continue, Orongo TrailMoai Riata, Tataku Vave Restaurant, Kari Kari Dance, end, Hostal Noa Ariki
Sep-11FriMuseum Tahaimuseumend museum, Ahu Taihai, end, Lunch at Te Moana, end, rent a bike to quarryPuna Pau, return to hotel, Hostal Noa Ariki
Sep-12SatEaster Island Bikingbreakfast, Bikingend, Moai akahanga, Lunch time, turn back bike, vinapu, Dinner time at bar Tavake Pubdone shopping, sitting next to sea, waiting for transit to airport, on board, sleep on plane
Sep-13SunBus to Mendozaflight landing, landed, pending luggage pickup, found luggage, wait at airport, bus to bus station, arrive bus stop, boarded bus, bus departbus pick up refugee, passing border, passing border, line up for passport stamp, passed both custom, pass custom, Approaching Mendoza, touch downdinner at biere, Sleep Hotel Petit
Sep-14MonMendoza trekkingTrekking Tourfinish hot springend, dinner at Facundo Restaurant, shower, Sleep Hotel Petit
Sep-15TueMaipu Wine TastingBus to Maipu, bus off, beer garden, Olive oil tasting, found my backpackbus back to Mendoza, Sleep Hotel Petit
Sep-16WedBus to Carlos PazBus to Carlos Pazstill busingBus approaching Carlos Paz, dinner at IL Gatto, Sleep Hotel Ideal
Sep-17ThuCarlos Pazbreakfast time at hotel Ideal, Aerosillalunch at Parrilla RestaurantSleep Hotel Ideal
Sep-18FriVilla General Bolgranobus to Cordoba, arrive Cordoba terminal, boarded bus to vgbdone with siesta, Dinner at Cafe RissenCerro de la Virgin, Sleep Pfullendorf Inn
Sep-19SatLa Cumbrecitafinished breakfast, approaching La Cumbrecita, Arrive La CumbrecitaCerro Wank, endDinner at Bar Suizo, Sleep Pfullendorf Inn
Sep-20SunLa Cumbrecita Adventure Parkfinished breakfast, waiting bus to LC, on bus to La Cumbrecita, La CumbrecitaAlpine adventure, end, Return train, Bus back to VGBVGB
Sep-20SunLa Cumbrecita MapLa Cumbrecita Map
Sep-20SunAlpine adventure La cumbrecita brochureAlpine adventure La cumbrecita brochure
Sep-20Sunbus schedule to La Cumbrecita from vgbdinner at Portrerillo Resto Bar, Sleep Pfullendorf Inn
Sep-21MonCordobaBus to Cordoba, Approaching Cordobachurch of jesus companions
Sep-21Monmanzana jesuitica brochureend, banco de cordoba museum, end, Paseo del buen pastor, Capuchin churchpaseo del buen pastor, dinner at Junior B, Sleep Alex Hotel
Sep-22TueCordoba Jesuit ChurchJesuit Maria tour, colonial churchend, Lunch at Plaza cafe, bellas artes museum, museo genaro perez, end, museum of Palacio Ferreyra, end, Emilio Caraffa museumend, dinner at Colores Santos, end
Sep-22TueEmilio Caraffa museum mapEmilio Caraffa museum map
Sep-22TueBellas artes EvitaAlacio Ferreyra mapBellas artes EvitaAlacio Ferreyra map
Sep-22TueCordoba city tourist mapSleep Alex Hotel
Sep-23WedCordoba ZooMulti activities Park, Cordoba zooend, Lunch at Pizza place
Sep-23WedCordoba Zoo Mapend, Patio Olmoswaiting for time pass, head to bus station, Sleep on Bus
Sep-24ThuSalta to cachibus approaching salta, bought bus ticket, salta walkbus to cachidinner at Vjracocha restaurant, Sleep at Hostal de Las Tinajas
Sep-25FriCachi Valley Strollairport hike and valley strollLa Merced Hoteldinner at Nevado de Cachi restaruant, Sleep at Hostal de Las Tinajas
Sep-26SatSaltabus to Salta, bus arrive Saltahead to cambio, lunch at the corner restaurant, MAAM, end
Sep-26SatSalta MAAM brochureteleferico San Bernardo, endPajcha Museum, dinner at La Higuerilla restaurant
Sep-26SatPajcha Museum brochureSleep at La Posada del Parque
Sep-27SunBus to San Pedrowaiting for bus, Bus to San Pedro, Bus to San Pedro, Bus from Jujuy to San Pedroarrived San PedroHostal Katarpe
Sep-28MonSan Pedro Piedras Rojaspick up from tour, Toconao town, tropic de CapricornAndean seagullLaguna de Chaxa, end
Sep-28Montour pricetour price
Sep-28MonLaugna de Chaxa brochureHostal Katarpe
Sep-29TueSan Pedro Geyser TatioGeyser Tatio Tourlunch at Casa Piedra
Sep-29TueTatio Geyser BrochureValle de la LunaHostal Katarpe
Sep-30WedSalar de TaraSalar de Tara, end, endSalar de Tara, end, dinner at Casa PiedraMuseum of Meteoroid, Hostal Katarpe
Oct-1Thuarchaeology tourPukara de Quitor, Aldea de Tulor, end, Lunch at Todo Naturalbike to Catarpe valleyreturn bike, end, Bus to Arica, Sleep on bus
Oct-2FriPutrebus to Putre, tour huntLunch at WalisumaDinner at Kuchu Marka restaurant, Sleep at Terrace Lodge
Oct-3SatLauca National ParkTour to Parque LaucaCotacocanidinner at muka restaurant again, sleep Hostal Cali
Oct-4SunPutre to Aricahike to cave paintingbus to Arica, bus to Arica, bus approaching Aricadinner at Telepizza, Hotel Plaza Colon
Oct-5MonAricaAzapa Valley Museumlunch at restaurant, El Morrodinner at Barrabas sea side restaurant, Hotel Plaza Colon
Oct-6TueIquiquetaxi to bus station, Bus to IquiqueMuseo RegionalHostal Professor
Oct-7WedSanta Laura and HumberstoneTour to Santa Laura, Santa Laura, Humberstoneend, Pica, endHostal Professor
Oct-8ThuCerro dragoncerro dragonSeaside Iquique, Lunch at Macchiavello Italian Restaurant, Seaside Iquique, wait for bus, bus to La SerenaSleep on bus
Oct-9FriLa SerenaLa SerenaLunch at Ayawasi, President Gonzalez Videla museum, Archaeology Museumdinner at colonial cafe, Hostal Las Lucies
Oct-10SatHumboldt Penguin Reserveboat to Damas IslandendHostal Las Lucies
Oct-11SunBlooming desertBlooming Desert TourPunta de Chororus, endHostal Las Lucies
Oct-12MonBus to Valparaisobus to ValparaisoLunch time on Ciktur busYellow House Hotel
Oct-13TueValparaiso Pablo NerudaMaritime MuseumPalacio Baburizza, Palacio Baburizza, Lunch at Delicatessen, Pablo Neruda museum, enddinner at chifa, Yellow House Hotel
Oct-14WedValparaisoValparaisocultural center prison, Lunch at Bambu veggi restaurant, Natural History MuseumYellow House Hotel
Oct-15ThuTo SantiagoSeaside WalkLunch at Puerto Mil-Nay restaurant, end, to Santiagodinner at Nuria Restaurant, high building, Hotel Riveria
Oct-16FriSantiagobreakfast at Riveria Hotel, Costanera Center, Gran Torre SantiagoLunch at Take a Wok food court, Sculpture park, MAC, end, Quinto park, Museo de ciencia and technology, end, Museo de la Memoria y los derchos humanosend, dinner at mall food court again, Hotel Riveria
Oct-17SatSantiago Last Daywalking to museums, national Library, end, GAM Centro de Las artes la Cultura, GAM visual art hall, end, end, Barrio Lastarria, Visual art Museumend, Museo de Bellas Artes, Lunch at Museum Cafe, end, end, Patronato, La Chasona, end, Cerro Santa Luciaend, bus to airport, arrived airport, Flight to Houston
Oct-18SunHoustonArrived Houston, Houston airport, Flying to Calgary, CalgaryArrive Vancouver
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