A week after my trip and my memory had already faded.
I have slept ten thousands nights in the past. So many nights, so many dreams, yet I remembered not one of them. My life, when it eventually drives to its ending, will be oblierated into another lost dream.

Day Date Week Place Morning Afternoon Night Hotel
0 9/29 Saturday Flight Vancouver London to Istanbul (arrive 10pm) Istanbul (1:30am) Mavi Guest House (25ML, SB, friendly but poor value)
1 9/30 Sunday Istanbul Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya Bosphorus Ferry Tour (11:00am) Leander Tower Mavi Guest House (25ML, SB, poor value)
2 10/1 Monday Istanbul Topkapi Palace (7ML) City Center, Suleymaniye Cami Bus to Bergama (9pm, 10 hr) Bus, 15ML, nice
3 10/2 Tuesday Bergama Acroplis, Red Basilica Asclepion, museum, Bus to Izmir, Selcuk (2pm, 3 hr) Karahan (10ML, BK, PB, mosquitos, OK, friendly)
4 10/3 Wednesday 3 Cities Priene Miletus, Didyma Temple of Artemis (1st 7 Wonders), Acroplis above Ephesus Karahan (10ML, BK, PB, mosquitos, OK)
5 10/4 Thursday Ephesus Ephesus Mary's Birth House (25 ML, overpriced) 4:00pm bus to Pamukkale Venus Hotel (13ML, BK, AC, PB, clean, owner inpolite)
6 10/5 Friday Afrodisias Afrodisias Afrodisias, Carpet shop Pamukkale, Hierapolis Venus Hotel (13ML, BK, AC, PB, clean)
7 10/6 Saturday Pamukkale Pamukkale Bus to bodrum (11:00am, 5 hr) Menekse Pansiyon (13ML, PB, owner perky)
8 10/7 Sunday Bodrum St Peter, Masoulem (2nd 7 Wonders) Bus to Feithiye (3:00pm, 5 hr) The Point Hostel (10ML, PB, view, BK, friendly)
9 10/8 Monday Feithiye Oludeniz Kaya Koy The Point Hostel (10ML, PB, view, BK)
10 10/9 Tuesday Chimaera Bus to Olimpos (11:00 am 5hr) 8:00pm Chimaera Kadir Tree House Cabin (12ML?, PB, BK, Dinner)
11 10/10 Wednesday Olimpos Hike to Chimaera Bus to Antayla (4:00pm, 1.5 hr) Bus to goreme (9:00pm, 10 hr) Bus, 16ML, nice
12 10/11 Thursday Goreme Scooter Ride around Goreme Urgup, Fairy Chimneys Sarihan (12ML, PB, BK, view, best room)
13 10/12 Friday Goreme Avanos, Sarihan, Zelve Museum Rose Valley Sarihan (12ML, PB, BK, view, best room)
14 10/13 Saturday Ihlara Valley Pigeon valley, Underground city, Ihlara Valley Hike Ihlara Valley, Selime Hitch to Aksaray (5:30pm, 0.5 hr) Otel Yoguran (10ML, PB, SC, TV, friendly, OK)
15 10/14 Sunday Aksaray Bus to Goreme (11:00am, 3hr) Goreme Museum Sarihan (12ML, PB, BK, view, OK room)
16 10/15 Monday Goreme Honey Valley, Rose Valley Red Valley, Zelve Mountain, Sword Valley Sarihan (12ML, PB, BK, view, OK room)
17 10/16 Tuesday To Malatya Bus to Malatya (11:00am, 8hr) Otel Kantar (8ML, TV, shower only, smelt bad, noisy but friendly)
18 10/17 Wednesday Malatya Miss the tour carpet shop, market, apricots Otel Huzur (10ML, PB, TV, big room)
19 10/18 Thursday Mount Nemrut Found Mini Bus Sunset at Nemrut Gunes Hotel on Nemrut (BK, dinner, PB, clean, view, very nice)
20 10/19 Friday Nemrut to Antakya Sunrise at Nemrut Battalgazi, bus to Antakya (2:00pm, 6 hr) Guney Hotel (BK, PB, TV, SC, OK)
21 10/20 Saturday Antakya Antakya Museum Bus to Syria (11:00am, 4 hr) Aleppo Tourist Hotel (700p, PB, sparkling clean, fan, nice)
Exchange Rate Hotel Keys
Turkey US$ 1 = 1.6ML SB=Share bath, PB=Private bath
Syria US$ 1 = 50p BK=Breakfast included
Jordan US$ 1=0.7d AC=Air Con
Egypt US$ 1=4.25p SC=Shower Cold
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