day 44 bahariyya

My legs were tired, but I set out for my last adventure of my vacation. I walked into the desert accompannied only by my shadow. I walked to the north and was blocked by the soldiers. So I walked to the south, carefully avoiding the sentry, I walked up the unnamed hills. The last desert sunset of my vacation, the moment that thrilled my soul.

black desert
beneath the sand is dark
volcanic sand
dark sands
plants at the desert
grapes burial
seeking the root of desert plant
drawing of the desert plant
my footsteps in the desert
myself and my shadow
bahariyya last sunset
last moment of light
sunset and desert
twlights of bahariyya
tree root stuff
donkey shit
trees in oasis
garbage of oasis
desert grass
desert canal
desert farmland
birds above oasis
ant hills of oasis
garbage of plastic bottle
garbage of light bulb
garbage of milk
dirty spring water
beehive house at bahariyya
bus that borke down in the desert
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