day 46 pyramid

pyramid of khufu
rocks of the pyramid
khafre under the sun
solar boat museum
solar boat pits
bigger solar boat pits
chephren mortuary temple
anothe solar boat pit
queens pyarmid
sphinx and the pyramid
money pits of the sphinx
sphinx missing his nose
great behind ot the sphinx
entrance to the great pyramid
garbage around the pyramid
go up to the pyramid
inside khufu
no ghosts but horrible students
pathway down the pyramid
top of khafre
pathway to the centre
the shamless man who wrote inside the pyramid
cairo from the pyramids
the queens pyramid and menkaure
the queens pyramid from menkaure
5230 img

44p per person (US$11).
If you are rich, you shouldn't miss this show.
If you are on budget, it's a no brainer to avoid this show.
If you pay, it definitely worth your money.
If you don't pay, you definitely won't miss anything.

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