french valley

Weather of Patagonia is unforgiving, just like life, it happens when it likes to happen. It never ask you whether you like rain or storm, you get what you get.

fitz roy

The blizzard can freeze lakes and mountains. But photographs can freeze time and a video can freeze a period of time. Time always looks fresh, even when it's observer is no longer fresh.

fitz roy blizzard

Blizzard is harsh. But it's only harsh to nosey tourists who should have sitting in their homes, playing computer games. For the rocks, blizzard is like the afternoon breeze from the seaside, without it, how could they endure their eternal existence?

the glacier

Glacier is only a big frozen mass of water. People travel far to look for glaciers. If they ever look at the upper deck of their refrigerator, they will see similar things. Whatever, people always think the things far away are more amusing.

volcano osorno

I left without reaching my destination. I had seen so many snow capped summits, so many waterfall, missing one or two is not a big deal. I could miss the summit but not the bus.

vancouver from the air

Every single person I met was nice, tourists, Chileans and Argentines alike, everyone was honest, helpful and friendly. The trip was pleasant right after I boarded the plane... But -- Whenever life smiled at me with a big cheerful grin, I knew that troubles would not be far away... Oh well, life is just as unpredictable as the weather in Patagonia.

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