punta arenas

penguin colony
altar near chilean border
scenic of the patagonia
mine field
strait to punta arena
invading army from chile
our bus took this ferry
kamikaze night club
the cemetry
roman tomb
Lunch: Rotiseria la Mama
�   Price: 5100p (about US$ 7.5)
�   excellent creamy soup 
�   good veggie lasagna  
�   good bread (hot)
�   It is a very small restaurant near my hotel
punta arenas rotiseria la mama
an old building
strait of magellan

Hotel: Residential Coiron
� Private: 8mp (7mp after bargain) for single � Value: OK � Rating: Livable � Include: Shared bathroom, private room, breakfast (OK) � hot water OK � shared bath OK � owner friendly � Spanish only

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